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Top five Airbnb alternatives

Airbnb is an online market that allows people to access rental properties in different parts of the world. Recently, there have been a considerable number of new entrants in this niche market. Some of these competitors stack well against Airbnb. The good thing about most sites like airbnb is that they have what it takes to provide you with a unique travel experience just like Airbnb.

Popular Airbnb alternatives


If you are looking forward to having a home away from home, HomeAway offers travel 123luxurious rentals in 190 countries. First, you need to open an account or register with them. Once you have this account, the next thing you should do is to make a booking. To do this, enter your preferred travel destination, the date you wish to travel and use a map to narrow down your search.

Vacation rentals by owners (VRBO)

Vacation Rentals by Owners is not different from HomeAway. It is free. The booking and cancellation process are similar to the ones involved used at HomeAway. With VRBO, you have almost 2 million vacation rentals to choose from in different parts of the world. With this variety, the chances of getting you preferred living space are quite high.

Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is specifically designed with the interests of pet owners that love traveling. With this site, you no longer have to worry or think about leaving your pet behind during your next vacation. As such, if you are looking for an Airbnb alternative that gives you an exciting option of traveling with your pet, Trusted Housesitters is the way to go.

This site allows you to find the best deals in various places. offers you more than hotel bookings. They also provide charming rentals, homestays, hostel, and bed and breakfast services. Finding an apartment on this site is fairly simple thanks to their customized search engine that allows you to find a vacation rental to your liking. This site also offers some flexible terms of payment considering that you can change your booking or even get a refund.

airbnb appHotels Combined

This Airbnb alternative allows you to compare different hotel packages before making a booking. Ideally, it makes comparing easy considering that it aggregates search results from many hotel booking around the world. This way, finding the best deal is indeed easier than it used to.

Airbnb and a number of this alternatives have transformed the hospitality industry. Most of these sites are made with the interests of the travelers in mind, which makes modern-day traveling cheaper and better.…

Why you need chauffeured car services


When traveling to a new country or city, there are many transport options you can use. You may choose to ask your friend to drive you around, rent a car and drive on your own or hire a chauffeured car. Hiring chauffeured cars is the best transport options because of the following benefits.

No worries about directions

When visiting new places, you may not know the area. Even if you are not new, there are chances you did not master the place. If you drive a rented car by yourself, you can be forced to rely on maps or keep asking around for directions to find your location. This may be quite annoying and time-wasting. With chauffeured car services, you do not worry about the directions as the drivers are most likely locals of the place or have lived there for long. They know the area well and will drive you fast.vehiclerentalleftsdfghjk


Safety is a matter of concern whenever you visit a place. The issue of safety is more pronounced if you are a key player in business arenas. Besides knowing the areas, professional chauffeurs have great driving records. This implies that they know the places that are safe to drive through and those that one should avoid. If you have stuff you want to leave in the car, you do not have to worry about losing them as the chauffeur is there to take care of them.


If you have had a long flight, then you may be tired. You do not want to wait for a taxi or drive yourself and worry of parking space. When you order for chauffeured car services, you find the chauffeur waiting for you at the airport to take you to your desired destination.

Get work done

If you are a business person, you are busy, and you do not want to waste time. When you hire these services, you will not be driving so you will have time for catching up with work. You may go through your business records, reply emails or make phone calls while on the road. This way you get the work done even when traveling.


vehiclerentalrightsdnfmgChauffeured car services are not only convenient but also give you some sense of style. When you arrive at your destination, in a chauffeured car of your choice, people will tend to treat you differently and see some sense of style. This way you create a professional image that can help attract other people to you.

Chauffeured car services come with these benefits and much more. When choosing such a service, make sure you go for a reputable company with high-quality cars.…

Ballycotton RNLI

Welcome to

Ballycotton Lifeboat Station

Ballycotton is a small fishing village 18 miles east of Cork City in the Republic of Ireland. Its flank stations are Youghal to the East (10 miles) and Crosshaven in Cork harbour to the West (14 miles). Both these stations operate Atlantic 75 class lifeboats. Ballycotton is one of the oldest stations in Ireland, being opened in 1858. Browse the history page for more information.

Today, the station (51′ 49.626N 008′ 00.345W ) operates one of the most modern lifeboats in the RNLI’s fleet, The 14m Trent class all weather lifeboat. This Lifeboat has a top speed of 25 knots and a range of 250 miles and carries a crew of six. The lifeboat volunteers who crew the boat and manage the station are proud of their station and record.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (R.N.L.I) exists to save lives at sea and is entirely supported by voluntary contributions. Registered Charity No CHY2678

See our SHOUTS page for the latest information on our service calls. UPDATED 05 December 2013

Press Page UPDATED 05 Decemeber 2013 – Check it out!…